The 7 Days Congo Gorilla and Nyiragongo Hike Safari presents opportunities to immerse oneself into the beauty of nature. Guests on this safari will have the golden opportunity to explore the intact tropical rainforests in Congo that are renowned habitats for gorilla species and several other primates. Visitors will have an opportunity to explore the Kahuzi Biega National Park, a renowned home to eastern lowland gorillas. Another exploration will go down in Virunga National Park, a home to a section of the world’s only remaining population of mountain gorillas and stunning landscapes encompassing the captivating Virunga mountain ranges.

The boat rides conducted on lake Kivu will allow the visitor a chance to observe several central Africa endemic bird species  and their dynamic behaviors. Guests on this trip should be sure to enjoy to the fullest and learn several things about gorillas.


Day 1: Travel to Bukavu – Kahuzi Biega national park.

Guests will arrive at Kigali International Airport where they will meet a professional tourist guide from our team. Interact with the guide who will brief you about the exciting trip you’re about to experience. You will then undertake the drive to Bukavu which will take you approximately 6 hours and 38 minutes covering the 267.9 kilometer distance. on arrival in Bukavu, you will head to the lodging facility where you’ll be served a delicious meal.

Relax at the premises of the lodge as you enjoy the  come environment and the breathtaking views of the Kahuzi Biega intact rainforest. Dinner will be served later at twilight and you will stay overnight.

Day 2: Eastern lowland gorilla trekking.  Community visit.

After having a delicious breakfast at the lodge, you will embark on the drive to the park headquarters where you’ll meet the Ranger guides. The Ranger guides will brief you about the entire gorilla trekking activity after which they will accompany you to the forest to embark on the exciting trek. The gorilla trek will take you about six to seven hours and when you meet families, you will be allowed a maximum of 60 minutes to watch them and observe their fascinating behaviors. Take pictures with them and enjoy the entire experience.  Travel back to the  accommodation facility in the afternoon to have a delicious lunch.

A community visit to the traditional Batwa people will be conducted in the afternoon. You will have yourselves immersed into the way of life of the exciting pygmoid group of people up to the evening. Transfer back to the lodge to relax, have dinner and rest for the night.

Day 3: Travel to Kibuye. Boat ride on lake Kivu.

Guests will arise at sunrise and have a delicious breakfast prepared by the team at the lodge.  Undertake the transfer Kibuye. This journey will consume approximately 3 hours and 52 minutes for the 165 kilometre distance. On arrival in Kibuye, you will relax at the accommodation facility. Enjoy the views of the entire environment and later, a mouthwatering lunch will be served to you.

A boat ride will be conducted on lake Kivu to present to you with the views of the magnificent lake from all corners and other exciting flora and fauna species on its shores. Visitors will spot some of the East African endemic bird species especially the abyssinian ground hornbill, black bee eaters, cinnamons, egrets, hammerkops and sunbirds. The boat ride will end in the sunset hours and you will head back to the accommodation facility to get served dinner and rest overnight.

Day 4: Transfer to Goma near Virunga National Park.  Drive around lake Kivu.

Wake up at sun up and have a delicious breakfast.  After breakfast, you’ll undertake the transfer to Goma which will take you approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes for the 102.2 kilometer distance.  Take time to explore as you drive around lake Kivu for an opportunity to observe the diverse flora and fauna and captivating landscapes.

This will be a great opportunity to take incredible photographs and videos to remind you of this lifetime adventure.  Transfer to the lodge in the afternoon hours  to have yourselves a mouth watering lunch and relax in the afternoon.

Dnner will be served at even tide and you will be accommodated overnight.

Day 5: Mountain gorilla encounter, community visit.

After breakfast at the lodging facility, you will continue to the park headquarters to meet the Ranger guides who will brief you about the mountain gorilla trekking activity that you are yet to witness. This briefing will equip you with information about the dos and don’ts while on the trek.

The Ranger guides will then accompany you to the forest to let you meet the exciting mountain gorillas.  This trek will take you approximately six to seven hours will end in the afternoon when you will travel back to the lodge to have a delicious lunch.

After lunch, you will embark on a community encounter. Walk through the local villages and meet the people, interact with them as you observe their interesting way of life. Enjoy the community visit the entire evening and later travel back to the lodge at sunset.

Dinner will be served to you and you will be accommodated for the night time.

Day 6: Nyiragongo hike.

Guests will wake up to a beautiful view of the breathtaking mount Nyiragongo. Have breakfast at the lodging facility and head to the base of the mountain. Abriefing will be conducted just before you set off for the hike to the top.

The Ranger guides will equip you with the necessary information and get you prepared for the incredible hike. Undertake the ascent to the top under the guidance of the Ranger guides.

A packed lunch will be served at high noon at a favorable stop on the slopes of the mountain. Enjoy the meal as you stare at the breathtaking landscapes beneath you. Continue with the hike to the summit.

When you arrive at the summit you will celebrate your achievement as you enjoy the views of the entire Virunga conservation area. Take some pictures that will remind you of this incredible adventure.

Relax at the top. Dinner will be served later and you will be accommodated for the night at the summit shelters.

Day 7: Descend, Cross to Gisenyi and drive back to Kigali.

On this beautiful day, you will wake up to the breathtaking views of the sunrise and the summits of several Virunga mountain ranges. Enjoy your breakfast as you stare at the beautiful views.

After breakfast you will undertake the descending journey back to the base of the mountain which will take you about two to three hours. On arrival at the base of the mountain, you’ll undertake the crossing journey to Gisenyi.

Upon arrival in Gisenyi, you will then undertake the drive back to Kigali which will take you approximately 3 hours and 17 minutes covering the 154 kilometer distance. Arrival in Kigali will be the end of the trip and you will then embark on your journeys back home.

7-days Democratic Republic of Congo Gorilla and Nyiragongo Hike Safari.

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